The Future of Money is Digital and it’s Black!

A Cryptocurrency Designed for Black People to Use in Everyday Financial Transactions

What is Melanin?

The Currency for Black People

Melanin is a cryptocurrency designed for black people to use in everyday financial transactions.

The Future of Money

A Better Way to Spend

Melanin utilizes a peer-to-peer payment system, which allows payments to be sent and received to anyone around the world without requiring approval from a central authority, bank or government.

It’s a tool for economic empowerment.

Melanin makes it easier to support black owned businesses through a network that is specifically designed to keep money circulating through the black community.

Black People Deserve a Better Currency

Melanin was created for us by us with the intention of building up black communities, businesses & restoring our sense of pride. It allows for us to invest in each other in a way that was never possible before.

It’s inclusive.

Anyone can send or receive Melanin and no one stands between you and your money.

It’s secure.

Cryptocurrencies are nearly impossible to counterfeit. The blockchain technology they run on is much more secure than traditional financial systems.

Be Independent.

Have complete control of your funds via your own digital wallet without having to deal with the maintenance fees & surcharges the banks have used to oppress and swindle us out of our hard earned money for so long.

Your wallet can hold as much or as little Melanin as you choose, you can also store your Melanin in as many wallets as you want. You decided how you manage your Melanin, you are now the absolute authority on what happens with your money.

Build the Community.

Building our own currency allows us to support one another in ways that we haven't been able to. We are in a unique position to supersede the success of Black Wallstreet and position ourselves as a superpower.


Melanin can be accessed by anyone, anywhere. No internet connection is needed to receive, send, or spend Melanin.

Use Anywhere Worldwide

The absence of middlemen makes transactions occur significantly faster with little to no transaction fees.

Business Advantages

More Customers

By adding your business to our database of black owned businesses which accept Melanin for payment, you will attract customers who are eager to use their Melanin to purchase your products and services

Additional Revenue Streams

Your business can generate additional revenue by allowing customers to exchange their cash for Melanin or their Melanin cash for whatever fee you decided to charge.

Tax Benefits

Any payments received in Melanin cannot be taxed until it is converted back to cash. By keeping your money in Melanin, you can legally save yourself from having to pay taxes until you decide to exchange your Melanin for cash.

Be Part of an All Black Ecosystem

Now, more than ever, black people are realizing the need to support black owned businesses. Melanin allows us to do it in a far more powerful way by not only building an all black economy, but an all black financial system, empowering us to not only build wealth, but secure ourselves in a way that has never been possible before.

Additional Information

Below are important details to know before you purchase Melanin.

Melanin is an ERC-20 Token

Melanin uses the Ethereum blockchain. In order to obtain Melanin, you will need an Ethereum wallet that is compatible with ERC-20 tokens.

Melanin is a stable coin

Since Melanin was intended to be used in the place of cash for daily regular purchases, its value will be significantly more stable than many other cryptocurrencies.

Melanin is backed fiat currency & economic circulation.

Melanin is backed by fiat currency and can therefore be exchanged for US dollars at any time. The value of Melanin will grow as more people use it in day-to-day purchases.

Meet the founder

Lloyd Pearson IV is the founder of Blackified, Inc, which maintains Melanin. Lloyd is an entrepreneur with a passion for the economic development of black people worldwide.

Email Address

About Blackified, Inc

Blackified is a company dedicated to black economic empowerment. Soon we’ll be launching a site that would allow people to easily find and support black owned businesses that offer whatever products and services they are looking for, see ratings and reviews and then earn rewards for being a customer. The site will also have social networking features where individuals will be able to list their professions, skills, abilities and experiences. Not only that, but they can also choose to communicate, collaborate or invest in one another. There will be a marketplace where black owned companies can sell goods and products, schedule appointments and other conduct business in a variety of ways.




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